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Crashh (Crash) Web Series Review




AltBalaji along with Zee5 is here once again with a brand new web series- Crashh. After heavy promotions and ads, the series was released on the eve of valentine's day this year. 

But this time, AltBalaji has tried to do something different. A series which is nostalgic- giving us a taste of old Khumbh Mela, where people get lost and meet with their family maybe decades after that. It's a series far from a typical AltBalaji's signature- controversial, bold etc. So let's take a look inside the series Crashh.

Crashh(Crash) Cast

The main cast includes- 

Crashh(Crash) Trailer


The story revolves around four siblings, who got separated in their very childhood. They were transferred to an orphanage after a tragic accident of their parents. 

Fast forward 17 years, they are with different families with different backgrounds. Kabir, the oldest, is a cop, searching desperately for his siblings. Kajal is adopted by a single mom, Divya Sehgal. Alia, the youngest, is adopted by a rich family and Rahim is Alia's driver.

Kabir starts looking for his siblings without any proper clue. One day he meets Kajal in a hospital, still unaware that she is his sister. 

As the series proceeds, circumstances develop, and at a certain point, they are all in front of one another but unaware of their relationship.

Whether they reunite or not can only be known by watching the web series.

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Each lead role has played their part perfectly. Be it a serious Kabir, broken Kajal, naughty but clever Alia or a poor Rahim. 

Every character has a significant part to play, and they have justified that.

Final Verdict

The story was the USP of the series. Old but still fresh. But the ending is a very poor one which spoils the whole series. The ending is somewhat clueless and maybe unnecessary. 

For me, I'll give it a 2.5 out of 5. The poor rating is for the ending without any proper explanation.

It has 10 episodes each about twenty minutes long. It's good for a one time watch.

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