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Stargirl Season 1 Review: Is It The Worthy Replacement Of Supergirl And Its Legacy

Stargirl season 1 review

Stargirl: The Replacement Of Supergirl

Name- Stargirl

Genre- Superhero, Teen, Action

Created By- Geoff Johns

Available on- Disney+ 

This year creators of Supergirl announced that they will be discontinuing "Supergirl" after next season. So after next season, we won't be seeing our beloved Supergirl. But it was soon announced that it'll be replaced by yet another DC superhero- STARGIRL

Released in March this year, this show will take on the legacy that's left behind by Supergirl. But the real question is that will it live up to Supergirl's legacy?  Let's take a dip into it.

Stargirl: Plot

*Spoilers Ahead

Stargirl revolves around a teenager Courtney Whitmore. The show starts with the fight between JSA and ISA on Christmas eve. JSA (Justice Society Of America) is a group of superheroes led by Starman, while ISA (Injustice Society Of America) is a group of supervillains led by Icicle.

In the fight, JSA is defeated and each of their members is killed. Pat Dugan, the sidekick of Starman, tries to save him but he also dies. Starman gives his cosmic staff to Pat. Now it's up to Pat to find the worthy successor of the cosmic staff. Meanwhile, Sam Kurtis couldn't make his way home to meet his daughter, Courtney.

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10 years later, Barbara, Courtney's mother, is married to Pat and they shift from California to Los Angeles in Blue Valley. Courtney finds it difficult to adjust in the new city and doesn't even like her new step-dad. Her first day at the school isn't something to remember as gets herself into trouble.

Courtney somehow finds the old photos of Pat with Starman. She is shocked when she realised that Starman is her father Sam's look alike. She finds cosmic staff from an old crate. Surprisingly, the cosmic staff starts shining. She somehow blows up the car of Henry Sr. 

When Pat finds about all of this he gets confused. He said to Courtney that she can't be Starman's daughter as he had no family. But she says that she is the daughter of the Starman and the cosmic staff has chosen her. This is how Stargirl was born.

But with superhero comes supervillains. Henry Sr starts searching for the person who has cosmic staff. Henry Sr is known as Brainwave, a member of ISA. He has the ability to control things with his mind. He comes across Stargirl and tries to kill her. But his brain is short-circuited by cosmic staff and he goes in a coma.

Stargirl season 1 review
Stargirl And Stripe

This incident alerts whole ISA and it's leader, Icicle. Meanwhile, Courtney teams up with Yolanda Montez, Beth Chapel and Rick Tyler to form new JSA. Yolanda is the new Wildcat. She has the ability to cut metals and jump from buildings.

Beth is the new Doctor Mid-Nite. She has the ability to gather information about each and everything. Rick Tyler, son of Rex Tyler, original Hourman, is the Hourman and is living up to his father's legacy. He has the ability to gain enormous power for one hour a day.

The ISA members are not only dangerous but also some of them have very high positions throughout the country. Brainwave is the best neurosurgeon in the country. Icicle is the owner of a very powerful organisation- New America. Wizard is the councilman in Blue Valley.

Not only that, the Blue Valley High is the core of ISA having many teachers as ISA members. Like Anaya Bowin, the principal of Blue Valley High is the secret agent of ISA. Paula Brooks, the gym teacher, is known as Tigress.

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As the show continues, each member of ISA is unveiled. And their main purpose of choosing Blue Valley as their core also comes to light. The death of Icicle's wife 9 years ago left him completely stunned. She died due to toxins released from industries. He promised her that he'll make America a better place to live for his son.

So ISA plans to mind control the whole country and make people work according to them. For this, they need Brainwave, who's still in a coma. Will they succeed in their devious plans or the new JSA stop them?

Stargirl season 1 review

Cast And Characters

The main cast includes- 

Stargirl: Our Verdict

Stargirl season 1 review
Stargirl/Courtney with Cosmic Staff

This show already has a very big burden to take on Supergirl. Supergirl is one of the most famous and best shows created by DC. So taking on its legacy is itself a huge task.

Despite the slow start of the show, it gives us the vibe of something big. Majority act of the show is performed by little ones. Stargirl itself is a teenager. So performing in a already hyped show is a tremendous task. 

Despite the slow start of the show in first 3-4 episodes, the show grows with successive episodes. The mystery that unevils at each passing stage is also nice. The main thing that attracts about this show is that even small characters have played their part brilliantly.

Creators have taken care of each and every part of the show. The thing which I liked the most is the flashback which is shown at starting of each episode which is the story behind each of the episodes.

With that said, creators should also have extended the part of the original JSA characters as whole story starts with them. Also, sometimes during the transitions of time span from past to future, it felt like things aren't going smooth. 

But this is something that we expect will improve in further seasons. Overall, barring the first 2-3 episodes, the show grows stronger and never disappoints. Afterall Supergirl also took some seasons to become what it's today.

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